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Posted on Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sell your photos online

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Now a days, nearly everyone owns a digital camera - built-in with their cell phone. So every people can take photographs and quickly transfer that in their computer, and even print! But if you really have some passion for photography, you can now think seriously about selling your digital photos online.

Photoshelter gives an opportunity to sell your photos online. They have currently 32,000 registered photographers from 130 countries. Every day more than 4,000 photos uploaded to the site for sell. Thousands of buyers from newspapers and magazines are registered at Photoshelter to purchase photographs for their publications.

It's completely free to sign-up with Photoshelter. You will get 50 MB free space to showcase your photos. You can also purchase additional space for $9/month if you require more. They will deal the whole selling process of your photos, and will pay you 70% of the selling price.

Before you start your photography for selling, you need to have a digital camera of at least 4 mega pixel quality, and learn some photography and photo editing technique. You'll find lots of free tutorials on digital photography and photo editing if you search at Google. Take some time to learn before you start uploading your photos at Photoshelter.

Posted on Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Get paid by connecting buyers with sellers online

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In our daily life, lots of people make profits as a middleman in business. But that kind of things don't happen much online. InnerSell gives an opportunity to their members exactly doing this - connecting possible buyers with vendors.

If you somehow get information that someone among your friends or relatives or colleagues wants to buy something, you can enter this information at InnerSell, and choose some vendors by their rating who sell exactly what your friend wants. That company then contact that person, and try to sell what he needs.

If the deal succeed, the vendor will give a predefined percentage of the sold price to InnerSell, who will pay you 70% of the money. You don't need to do anything to earn from InnerSell other then entering the information about the product your friend wants, and contact information of your friend.

Suppose, you give an information that a friend of yours wants to buy a printer which might be priced $5,000 USD. InnerSell give you a list of possible vendors and their offering rates. You choose a company who pays 10%. If that sell succeed, the vendor will give InnerSell $500, from which InnerSell will pay you $350. So this could be very nice way for earning from the middle of the deal!

You can also earn from InnerSell by referring members and vendors. If you help recruiting a new member at InnerSell, you will get 20% of the earning of the member in his first year. When a vendor joins InnerSell from your referrer, you will get 20% of what he gives as a subscription fee to InnerSell in his first year.

So I think, it's high time to join InnerSell to make some serious money, as they are still free for joining. Feel free to join InnerSell clicking the links below, as it will also let the author to earn something too for referring you, if you can earn from here.

Join InnerSell as Sales Agent here

Join InnerSell as Vendor here

Posted on Monday, June 30, 2008

Finding long-lost money and property

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Every state of USA maintains a database of money and property that has gone unclaimed by the people it belongs to. This can be bank accounts people forgot they had, insurance policies where people didn't know they were the beneficiary, real estate and so on.

Anyone can go check to see if there is any unclaimed property in their name.

You can even set up a small business finding the people who own the property. You then contact them and ask for 15%-25% of the value of the property as a finder's fee. Some states have laws related to this, so you'll need to check. For example, in some states you may need a private investigator's license to do it.

And of course the person you alert may decide not to deal with you and go search for his property himself.

If you're interested in checking to see if there's any unclaimed property in your name or that of loved ones (including deceased loved ones), or if you want to look into getting started as a finder, the best place to start is at NAUPA: The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. Here's the link:

Lots of people found things they did not expect. So go and check. Please post back and let us know if you find anything! Don't just check the state you're in now. Check where you grew up, where you went to college, where you lived during your wild oats days or while in the military. Check where your parents and in-laws live and lived.

Posted on Sunday, June 29, 2008

Get paid by writing tips

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Every one of us is an expert on something. Chances are, through trial and error, hard work, or blind luck, you have learned something practical. Something that has helped make your life a little easier. It saved you time. It saved you money. Maybe it saved your marriage; maybe your life.

What you discovered is too helpful to keep to yourself. You want to share it. You think, "Others should benefit from this." Maybe you can even profit from it.

Daytipper is a site who publishes tips of all subjects. If you have a tip that is insightful, helpful, and original, they will publish it. They pay $1 USD per accepted tip you submit, on anything you are expert in, such as cooking, household, family, gardening, pets, relationships, etc.

I read through some of the tips and the ones I saw were very brief, so it looks like they'd be pretty easy to write. (Tips can't even exceed 500 characters)! There is not a referral program, but getting 1 buck just to offer a small snippet of advice seems pretty good to me.

They will pay you through Paypal once a tips is published. Or they can give it to a charity, if you like.

Happy tipsing!!

Posted on Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shop free with Amazon

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Points2shop is a great, easy to use online shopping site for ALL types of products! So many members have fallen in love with points2shop, its hard to keep track. Of course, you probably want to know more about it, so here goes:

Its EASY to earn! You can earn points by checking out their huge list of surveys, trials, and signup sites! All you have to do is complete an offer! Once you've completed your offer you will receive points. Those points will add up with each and every offer you do! 100 points = $1.00. With these points, you can then shop on . Find the items you wish to purchase, and place an order through the points2shop website using your points. Your order will be processed within two business days and shipped to your house usually within a week. All for free!

It has thousands of offers for members to complete daily. Offers can range anywhere from 15 - 4000 points! Lots of offers at 100 points (Thats $1.00 for EACH offer!). On top of that they have many exclusive offers you will not find on other cash sites because they are points only. Points2Shop has tons of advertisers, even advertisers that aren't on most GPT sites.

All you have to do is complete some offers. Then when they receive the confirmation from advertisers (Usually in 30 minutes!) Points2Sho will automatically credit your account with the points. You do NOT need a credit card to join the site. Members are cashing out DAILY. Some members have already earned $500.00 in prizes!

If you sign up now (FREE MEMBERSHIP ALWAYS) you can verify your phone (just type your phone number into the 'verify phone' section on our website, click send, and your phone will ring with an automated message giving you a confirmation code. Type that into website and click confirm.) you will get 250 points for verifying your phone (RIGHT AWAY!)

You don't get gift cards like some other sites but direct access to millions of products available on . Once you get the points you need, cash out to get something you want! Order any product and it will be send directly without charging you any shipping costs at all! (for products over $25) All you have to do is go to the website, click Amazon redemption, search for a prize you like (you can get ANYTHING that amazon has on their site as long as you have enough points) click add to cart, and confirm your order placement. We ship out orders DAILY.

You can also earn cash (paid by check, paypal and amazon gift cards) just by referring your friends!

$0.5 for each referral + 15% of what they earn!!

This site currently supports citizens of USA, Canada, and UK only. But still you can earn by refering people from these countries. So cheer up!!

Join Points2Shop here

Posted on Friday, June 27, 2008

Win prizes for searching with Winzy

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Winzy is a search engine founded by successful entrepreneurs and includes early employees from Yahoo Inc., Adobe Systems Inc., and the designer of the Google logo. It is a private company based in Mountain View, Calif.

At Winzy you can win free prizes by just searching websites. Every search on Winzy is a chance to win! Just use Winzy to search the web, the same way you would use any other search engine. If you’re a winner, you will see an alert to let you know what you’ve won.There are 3 ways to win on Winzy:

  • Search and Win Instantly
  • Invite Friends - If They Win, You Win Too!
  • Earn Points To Enter Monthly Sweepstakes

Search and Win Instantly
Just search the web like you would Google or Yahoo. We pick random winning times each day. If you search at the right time, you win. It’s that easy! If you are a winner, you will see a notification on the screen that you can’t miss. It will tell you what prize you won and what you need to do to redeem your prize.

Invite Friends - When They Win, You Win Too!

  • Invite friends to join Winzy
  • If they search and win, you win the same prize
  • You will be notified by email if somebody you invited has won
  • Follow the instructions in the email to redeem your prize The biggest winners on Winzy are all people who have won by inviting friends. When you see + 1 friend next to a winner’s name on our site, that means that 2 people won the prize - the original searcher won and the person who invited that searcher also won!

Earn Points To Enter Monthly Sweepstakes
The third way you can win on Winzy is by entering the Winzy Sweepstakes.When you search on Winzy, you earn Winzy Points. Each Winzy Point is like a free raffle ticket which automatically enters you into our monthly drawings. The more searches you do, the more entries you earn into our sweepstakes! This month’s grand prize is $1,000 Cash! Winzy will notify the user who wins the monthly grand prize by email.

For more information about the site, check out their help page.

Currently only citizens of USA, Canada, and UK can join this nice site. So people from the rest of the world have to wait until the expand the opportunity for others.

Posted on Thursday, June 26, 2008

Get paid for writing articles with AC

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If you have some skills on writing, you can earn from writing articles with Associated Contents.

You write articles on the topic of your choice, although they do suggest topics that have a higher rate of request. You have various options on whether you want your article published exclusively, meaning they retain full rights and you cannot publish it elsewhere or non-exclusive publication, meaning you can submit something already published and which you do not want them to have rights to.

Within 5 days of approving your article, they email you an offer for pay, which you can accept or reject. Pay can be from $3 up to $40 and is paid to your Paypal account. The highest pay offers are for exclusive submissions for topics and categories there is a higher demand for. You will have an area for personal messages they send to you, telling you which topics are most wanted. You don't HAVE to write on those, however, but choose the topics and categories you want to write about.

I have come across posts about this program on a number of writing sites and it seems to have garnered a good reputation. If you write all the time anyway on message boards and blogs, this is not difficult to do. They also publish audio, video and image submissions.

By the way, you do not have to be a professional, experienced writer to join Associated Content, just be consistent. They have lots of things to help you and, if you check your messages regularly you will see where they have ideas for topics as well as requests for specific topics and writing contests.

You can find lots of articles and tips from the tutorials and forums of this site. Spend some time here to get help before you start. These are really good help.

Posted on Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Earn online surveying with Survey Savvy

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It's definitely tough to find the paid online surveys that you don't have to pay first to join.

SurveySavvy provides a way for consumers to get paid for expressing their opinions with a FREE membership to complete online surveys. When you complete their online surveys, you make a difference in the marketplace and get paid $3 to $75 per survey. When you refer friends and they complete surveys, and when their friends complete surveys, you'll get paid $2 per survey too!

Each member may be invited to take 12-36 surveys every year. Just calculate to see how much money you can make by referring friends to SurveySavvy. As of April 30, 2003, SurveySavvy has paid consumers $8,301,732.60 for participating in surveys.

SurveySavvy is THE best paid-to-survey site on the web. If you have done the slightest bit of research on this then you would know! Suffice it to say that I have been with them for a little over 7 months now and have received $392. This includes a $100 survey that took about 25 minutes and the lowest payment for a survey I have ever gotten with them is $25. You can usually expect 2 or more surveys per month. Most of them in the 20-30 dollar range and a few in the 40-50 dollar range.

To get this though remember to update all the profile builders once you are a member. There are quite a few and the reason a lot of people don't get too many surveys from them is because they miss this point!

Payment is quick. No minimum payout, and the check always arrives in 3 weeks or so.

Best of all, it is Free. No fees no costs! No skill needed. Get paid for your opinion, get paid for your friend's opinion too!!

Join SurveySavvy here