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Posted on Thursday, June 26, 2008

Get paid for writing articles with AC

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If you have some skills on writing, you can earn from writing articles with Associated Contents.

You write articles on the topic of your choice, although they do suggest topics that have a higher rate of request. You have various options on whether you want your article published exclusively, meaning they retain full rights and you cannot publish it elsewhere or non-exclusive publication, meaning you can submit something already published and which you do not want them to have rights to.

Within 5 days of approving your article, they email you an offer for pay, which you can accept or reject. Pay can be from $3 up to $40 and is paid to your Paypal account. The highest pay offers are for exclusive submissions for topics and categories there is a higher demand for. You will have an area for personal messages they send to you, telling you which topics are most wanted. You don't HAVE to write on those, however, but choose the topics and categories you want to write about.

I have come across posts about this program on a number of writing sites and it seems to have garnered a good reputation. If you write all the time anyway on message boards and blogs, this is not difficult to do. They also publish audio, video and image submissions.

By the way, you do not have to be a professional, experienced writer to join Associated Content, just be consistent. They have lots of things to help you and, if you check your messages regularly you will see where they have ideas for topics as well as requests for specific topics and writing contests.

You can find lots of articles and tips from the tutorials and forums of this site. Spend some time here to get help before you start. These are really good help.