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Posted on Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shop free with Amazon

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Points2shop is a great, easy to use online shopping site for ALL types of products! So many members have fallen in love with points2shop, its hard to keep track. Of course, you probably want to know more about it, so here goes:

Its EASY to earn! You can earn points by checking out their huge list of surveys, trials, and signup sites! All you have to do is complete an offer! Once you've completed your offer you will receive points. Those points will add up with each and every offer you do! 100 points = $1.00. With these points, you can then shop on . Find the items you wish to purchase, and place an order through the points2shop website using your points. Your order will be processed within two business days and shipped to your house usually within a week. All for free!

It has thousands of offers for members to complete daily. Offers can range anywhere from 15 - 4000 points! Lots of offers at 100 points (Thats $1.00 for EACH offer!). On top of that they have many exclusive offers you will not find on other cash sites because they are points only. Points2Shop has tons of advertisers, even advertisers that aren't on most GPT sites.

All you have to do is complete some offers. Then when they receive the confirmation from advertisers (Usually in 30 minutes!) Points2Sho will automatically credit your account with the points. You do NOT need a credit card to join the site. Members are cashing out DAILY. Some members have already earned $500.00 in prizes!

If you sign up now (FREE MEMBERSHIP ALWAYS) you can verify your phone (just type your phone number into the 'verify phone' section on our website, click send, and your phone will ring with an automated message giving you a confirmation code. Type that into website and click confirm.) you will get 250 points for verifying your phone (RIGHT AWAY!)

You don't get gift cards like some other sites but direct access to millions of products available on . Once you get the points you need, cash out to get something you want! Order any product and it will be send directly without charging you any shipping costs at all! (for products over $25) All you have to do is go to the website, click Amazon redemption, search for a prize you like (you can get ANYTHING that amazon has on their site as long as you have enough points) click add to cart, and confirm your order placement. We ship out orders DAILY.

You can also earn cash (paid by check, paypal and amazon gift cards) just by referring your friends!

$0.5 for each referral + 15% of what they earn!!

This site currently supports citizens of USA, Canada, and UK only. But still you can earn by refering people from these countries. So cheer up!!

Join Points2Shop here