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Posted on Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Get paid by connecting buyers with sellers online

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In our daily life, lots of people make profits as a middleman in business. But that kind of things don't happen much online. InnerSell gives an opportunity to their members exactly doing this - connecting possible buyers with vendors.

If you somehow get information that someone among your friends or relatives or colleagues wants to buy something, you can enter this information at InnerSell, and choose some vendors by their rating who sell exactly what your friend wants. That company then contact that person, and try to sell what he needs.

If the deal succeed, the vendor will give a predefined percentage of the sold price to InnerSell, who will pay you 70% of the money. You don't need to do anything to earn from InnerSell other then entering the information about the product your friend wants, and contact information of your friend.

Suppose, you give an information that a friend of yours wants to buy a printer which might be priced $5,000 USD. InnerSell give you a list of possible vendors and their offering rates. You choose a company who pays 10%. If that sell succeed, the vendor will give InnerSell $500, from which InnerSell will pay you $350. So this could be very nice way for earning from the middle of the deal!

You can also earn from InnerSell by referring members and vendors. If you help recruiting a new member at InnerSell, you will get 20% of the earning of the member in his first year. When a vendor joins InnerSell from your referrer, you will get 20% of what he gives as a subscription fee to InnerSell in his first year.

So I think, it's high time to join InnerSell to make some serious money, as they are still free for joining. Feel free to join InnerSell clicking the links below, as it will also let the author to earn something too for referring you, if you can earn from here.

Join InnerSell as Sales Agent here

Join InnerSell as Vendor here