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Posted on Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sell your photos online

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Now a days, nearly everyone owns a digital camera - built-in with their cell phone. So every people can take photographs and quickly transfer that in their computer, and even print! But if you really have some passion for photography, you can now think seriously about selling your digital photos online.

Photoshelter gives an opportunity to sell your photos online. They have currently 32,000 registered photographers from 130 countries. Every day more than 4,000 photos uploaded to the site for sell. Thousands of buyers from newspapers and magazines are registered at Photoshelter to purchase photographs for their publications.

It's completely free to sign-up with Photoshelter. You will get 50 MB free space to showcase your photos. You can also purchase additional space for $9/month if you require more. They will deal the whole selling process of your photos, and will pay you 70% of the selling price.

Before you start your photography for selling, you need to have a digital camera of at least 4 mega pixel quality, and learn some photography and photo editing technique. You'll find lots of free tutorials on digital photography and photo editing if you search at Google. Take some time to learn before you start uploading your photos at Photoshelter.